Furniture Removal Service in Erie

Don’t leave that clunky couch or old bed frame out on the curb. Give Erie Junk Removal a call. We’ll come by and help you with all your furniture disposal needs.

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Residential & Commercial Furniture Disposal Experts

Before you think about tossing that sofa out by the dumpster, consider our economy and, most importantly, our planet. 

Look, we get it — furniture is heavy, building, and tough to transport. It’s tempting to just dump it and forget about it. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t need to be that difficult.

Give Erie Junk Removal a call and we’ll swing by and help you with your home or business furniture removal needs. It just takes one call, and we’ll move your old couch, love seat, mattresses, tables, chairs, recliners, bed sets and anything else you want to get rid of to spruce up your property.


Did You Know?

Having your furniture properly disposed of and recycled cuts back on production costs of future furniture. What’s more, proper furniture recycling helps preserve environmental resources, which helps promote the longevity of our planet.

Best of all, removing and hauling away old dingy furniture from your property makes more attractive and appealing to those who visit.

Whether you’ve got new furniture or your old furniture is just taking up too much room, give Erie Junk Removal a call. We strive to provide the best furniture removal service in our region.

You’ll get a free estimate and, in no time, we’ll have that old furniture gone so you can get to lounging and enjoying your new comfy couches and chairs.

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Need Furniture Removal In Erie, PA?

Keep Our Planet Safe And Get That Furniture Removed The Right Way. We’re Here To Assist You With Affordable and Dependable Disposal Services For Homes and Businesses.

Let Our Furniture Removal Pros Handle The Heavy Lifting

Our pros at Erie Junk Removal are dedicated to helping our customers rid their property of sofas, mattresses, and other furniture they just don’t love anymore.

Your needs come first when you contact us for help. We have decades of experience and the skill to safely and cheaply dispose of furniture, electronics, yard waste, kitchen appliances, hot tubs, and more.

If you’ve got furniture that’s got to go fast, reach us today for a free and accurate estimate.

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